your classical radio brings you hundreds of hours of the best classical music. Listen Online for free and discover inspiring classical masterpieces from the greatest composers.

We offer our listeners the easiest way to enjoy to classical music online, with our free web player which works with most devices. Listen Now with your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, even with the web player in the background or screen switched off.

With sonatica, there’s no need to download additional apps - we get straight to the music. Presto prestissimo!
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Sonatica’s master catalogue offers an exceptional schedule of classical music, whatever your mood. With no adverts or commercials as part of our Live Stream, you can listen with minimum distraction and more music.

With music spanning from Renaissance to Baroque, Romantic to Modern, sonatica brings you an unparalleled listening experience and high quality streams at 96kb/s and 160kb/s, wherever you are.

Tune in now to discover the the sound of classical with sonatica.
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Discover a quality of sound audiophiles with a passion for classical music will love. Choose from our 96kb/s and 160kb/s high fidelity streams.
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With hundreds of hours of classical music from various eras, you’ll never tire of our assorted schedule, whether you’re an early-bird or night-owl.
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We put the music first so you can enjoy listening to our classical radio live stream with no adverts and minimal distraction.
The Sound of Classical
Listen now to hear just why so many classical music lovers are tuning-in to, the sound of classical radio online.