Does ‘The Mozart Effect’ Really Boost Your Brainpower?

Does The Mozart Effect Really Boost Your Brainpower  Sonatica Blog

Listening to Mozart can give your brainpower a boost, according to a study conducted by Sapienza University of Rome.

In a series of controlled group experiments, listeners of the classical composer's music showed an increase in the construction of alpha waves in the brain, which are conducive in promoting positive learning ability and are linked to memory, understanding and problem solving.

Interesting however, no such performance increases were found when the group listened to classical music by Beethoven, suggesting Mozart's music has a specific effect on our minds.
According to the researchers, their result suggested that the precise and highly ordered arrangement of a sonata may “echo the organisation of the cerebral cortex”. One of the distinctive features of Mozart's music is the frequent repetition of the melodic line; this determines the virtual lack of 'surprise' elements that may distract the listener's attention from rational listening, where each element of harmonic (and melodic) tension finds a resolution that confirms listeners' expectations” the findings noted.

In a previous 1993 study, results showed that listening to Mozart’s K.448 could also improve spatial reasoning skills for a short time afterwards.

So next time you need a brainpower boost, why not tune in to sonatica and enjoy Eine Kleine ‘Mozart Effect’.